Add Some Sanity Back into Your Diet

Add Some Sanity Back into Your Diet

Before we get started just take a moment to look at this photo,…. Just look at it,….. so amazing….. The things that would happen to this burger if I wasn’t on a diet would probably be against the law.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system let me get to the point. Everyone needs a little sanity in their diets. I usually make sure there is some in mine, more often than not in the form of alcohol I will admit. It is needed if you ask me.

The wonderful thing about adjusting your diet to add in a few simple things that could mean the difference between sticking to your diet or binge eating, is that you can do it without really breaking your diet. Consider that you need to consume a certain amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates every day (macros), that means you can add in a few simple things under any of these categories that will allow you a little mental relief.

Some that I often recommend are bacon and/or cheese to meet your daily fat intake; Chips or some times even sweets to meet your carb intake; and a wide variety of meats to meet your daily protein/fat intake.

As long as you watch your portions you can generally get away with a little variation without causing any damage to your overall goal. With all of this being said,…. I think will have a few slices of pizza later.

Stay grindin’ my friends.




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