Lauren Huddleson

Lauren Huddleson

The key question to always ask is what got you into fitness?

What got me into fitness was wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. I had a few health issues a few years ago and I convinced myself if I worked out and ate healthier my health would be better. I was right!! But I didn’t know where it would take me.


What advice would you give anyone considering undertaking the fitness lifestyle?

The advice I would give anyone considering a fitness lifestyle is first do it for you. Do it because you genuinely want to, because you’re passionate about it. Not because some suggests it or you just wanna be like one of the fitness celebs you see on IG.  Second.. Do your homework. Don’t just jump into it. Whether you wanna compete, model or just wanna live a fitness lifestyle, decide what you wanna do and learn how to pursue it.



What is your training Philosophy?

My training philosophy is be consistent, be consistent, be consistent!  You won’t get the results you want if you’re not. You can’t half ass workouts or only train here and there and expect to see any real results depending on your fitness goals. Have a plan and put it into action.


What was your first show and what was that experience like?

My very first show the Maryland State East Coast Classic in 2012 where I placed 2nd in my height class. It was an amazing and eye opening experience. I really learned what my body was capable of during my prep which had helped me compete ever since. And I loved getting to meet other competitors and seeing for the first time what a bodybuilding show was like. I met people that show that I’m still friends with today. Great experience for me.




What made you do it?

I met my friend Tiffany Procopio (figure pro) at my gym and she talked me into competing. She saw potential in me and kept encouraging me to try it even though it was something I initially never considered. It took about a year of convincing then I finally gave in. She supported and helped me the whole time.


What type of cardio do you do in preparation for competition?

For cardio during my prep I usually do 4 days a week steady state. About 40-45 minutes on my upper body days and about an hour on just my cardio days. No cardio on my 2 leg days. I’m not a fan of fasted cardio and have never had the need to do it so I don’t.


What is your favorite body part to workout and how do you like to target it?

My favorite body part to work out is my glutes although I love training shoulders too. It may be a tie lol. But for glutes I like to do a lot of isolation exercises to really build and target. I like higher volume as well. 4-5 sets at least. At my gym I’m known as the booty specialist lol.




If you could have a single cheat meal during your diet what would it be?

If I could have a single cheat meal during my prep I think it would be a really great burger and fries. With cheese and bacon and all the good stuff lol. And definitely a glass of red wine which is my favorite.


What does your off season diet consist of?

My offseason diet isn’t really too much different from my prep diet. I like to stay pretty clean with my eating during the week and give myself a break on the weekends. I still do lean protein and veggies and I like to still eat smaller meals 5-6 times a day. Keeps me on track and I’m able to stay within a reasonable weight during offseason so when it’s time to get ready for a show I can do shorter preps.


Who in the fitness world motivates you?

First I would have to say my friend Tiffany. She’s a wealth of knowledge and lives a healthy lifestyle 24/7. There is no offseason for her. She taught me a lot about nutrition and staying consistent. I would also say Devin Zimmerman or known on IG as devinphysique. His work ethic at such a young age is motivating and inspiring. I also really love the mentality of Amanda Latona. She’s an amazing bikini pro but her morals and beliefs are what really stick out to me. She not only motivates me to be a great bikini athlete but also just be a good woman in general.


Born: 1982
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 108 (Off Stage)
Location: Baltimore, MD

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Instagram: theworkoutdiva

Facebook: Lauren Huddleston

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