Roody “Chest Out” Exantus

Roody “Chest Out” Exantus


Roody is one of those guys you instantly come to admire and not just because of his achievements and hard work in the fitness world but more so because of his out reach. I had the honor of meeting Roody after he performed as the guest poser at a regional Musclemania show in Florida. After his performance he went into a detailed and personal account of losing a friend to cancer and how it changed his life as well as the lives of the members of his “Chestout” team members. Having lost numerous relatives to breast cancer I could instantly relate to the story he was telling. It is very easy to sit on the sidelines and do nothing when facing a task that seems to have no end in sight but Roody and his team has chosen to take on their part in the fight against cancer as well perform numerous hours of outreach at their local Boys & Girls Clubs in the area. In the end these type of actions are what separate those who want to change the world from those who simply want to live in it. There is no machine or exercise in the gym that you can do to build character……… you must do that on your own.



What brought you into the fitness world?

Growing up I was always a very skinny kid. I graduated high school weighing 135. I decided that I wanted to change when I got to college. So, me and my older brother got on a routine and before I knew it, people started noticing. It wasn’t until a few years later someone finally convinced me to do my first show.






How did it feel when you became a Musclemania Pro?

I put a lot of pressure on myself. I worked my butt off. So, when I became Pro, I felt great. I felt that the hard work I put in the kitchen and the gym paid off but I still wanted more. I didn’t want to be Pro just to have the title; I wanted to be one of the faces of Musclemania.






When prepping for a competition what is your favorite type of cardio?

I can’t go through a prepping phase without the stairs. Sprints are also favorites of mine. These allow me to burn more calories in a shorter time while still building the lower body.


Do you listen to music while lifting? If so, what music/songs really hype you up during a workout?

I like to listing to music but I really do have a preference. At times I’ll listen to something upbeat and other times, it may be something slower. It all depends on my mood that day. I like OutKast and Lost Boys if I need something more upbeat.




What is your favorite muscle group to workout?



What would your standard workout to hit that muscle group look like?

Walking lunges, squats, leg press, jump lunges, jump squats, leg extensions, leg curls, kick backs and Calf raises.





What is your supplement stack like?

Protein, pre-workout, Carb powder, creatine, glutamine, BCAA, fish oil, multi vitamin, and joint supplement.


What advice would you give to anyone who is just starting their fitness journey?

Its just that; A Journey. It’s not a sprint. All too often I get the question, ” How did I get so big?” When I tell them how long I’ve been working out, I see the disappointment in there eyes as they walk away. Granted, I’ve been this size for some time now but it takes time to develop all the little things that most people ignore. So, be patient, work hard, and be constant.


What athletes and/or fitness competitors do you admire?

Kia Green, Flex Wheeler, and Ulysses.

AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 5’9″
FACEBOOK: Roody Exantus Official
INSTAGRAM: ChestOutRoody
YOUTUBE: TeamChestOut or ChestOutRoody

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