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Coming up playing sports, coaching football, and  being in the military I've always been in the gym. I loved working out as it helped me escape from everything else. A few years ago people I worked around and some people at the gyms I used suggested I should compete but I always dismissed the notion. I never thought I could really do the diet and I'm your typical man, didn't want to ask anyone for help cause I thought I knew how to workout. Plus I thought someone would look at me crazy cause I looked like I could workout. But I also liked to eat. LOL. As I started to give it more thought and talked to my wife about finding someone I saw this new guy at work and could tell he was swole even though I "looked" bigger than him. So after seeing him in the gym one day I stopped him at work and we chopped it up for a few. Come to find out he had peeped me as well and wanted to work with me. I'm a firm believer that at God's appointed time he will put the right people in place to further the plans he has for your life. Corrie was that. A genuinely good person who was willing to help and knew how to motivate me to stick with my diet and alter my technique in the gym to get maximum growth. Not only did he just tell me what to do he also taught me why we were doing certain things. He taught me the process and after a couple months of sticking to it we decided to prepare to crush the stage. After four months of work and losing 40 pounds we were able to step on stage and take home some hardware. I learned a lot from Corrie and continue to learn as we prep for the next show. I couldn't and wouldn't have done this without the cat that's not only my coach but a true friend.
Isaiah "Ike" Sierson Jr
NPC men's physique athlete
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Tracy Smith

Over the years I’ve always been athletic and kept myself fit. Working as a Personal Trainer etc. I’d never really given it much thought about getting on stage or competing in Bodybuilding or Men’s Physique. Having friends in the fitness industry kinda pushed me toward doing my 1st show. After deciding I’d give it a shot I needed some guidance and someone who I could always count on and trust. Who better to trust and believe in then the guy I lived across the hall from, my roommate. Corrie is a personal trainer and a 1st place Champion in two classes as a Natural Bodybuilder and Men’s Physique competitor. He’s also a Vet and loving Father. Corrie seems to always have that Do work and Push harder mentality and that’s why I knew I didn’t have to look any farther. Everything I needed was right underneath our roof. I’ve watched Corrie cook ,prep, weigh, measure, and proportion his meals like clock work. I’ve seen him ” DO THE WORK” himself. When I say that, I mean he actually leads by example, walk the walk and talk the talk. I approached Corrie and mention I was ready to do my 1st show and asked if he could lead me and sharpen up what I already had built over my years of training etc. He agreed and Team 2324 was formed. Let’s just say we hit the ground running and not only did Corrie help me with nutrition advise, he also gave me lots of knowledge on the sport and all the classes. He even gave me tips, methods, etc on Men’s Physique and at that time he hadn’t competed in that class as of yet. We’d prep every Sunday like clock work. He was the Scientist and I was the Intern taking it all in. Although I’m no stranger to hard work he would adjust his schedule to make sure we got in the gym together for posing, cardio, and of course heavy lifting. Preparation for my 1st show was a lot of hard work but a great experience. I was supported all the way to center stage of my 1st show. Corrie was there every step of the way. Couldn’t have ask for a better leader and coach than my roommate and brother! Thanks Teammate! -Tre’ ( 24 ) 2x Nationally Qualified Men’s Physique Athlete