Three Week Mini Shed… Week 1….

Three Week Mini Shed… Week 1….

So here is a break down of how week one has gone:


Week 1: 1800 kcals
Day.           Am Cardio.         Workout.       Pm Cardio.
Sun.              30 min.            Legs
Mon.             30 min.            Back / Tri.      30 min.
Tue.              30 min.            Tri / Abs.        Boxing
Wen.             30 min.            Legs.             30 min.
Thur.             30 min.            Chest / Bi.      Boxing
Fri.                30 min.            Sho / Calves. 30 min.
Sat.               30 min.


Long story short, it has sucked, I have been very tired and I have honestly not completed 3 of my 4 workouts. However, I have managed to finish all of my cardio. My highest weight this week was 172.8 and my current weight and lowest point is 171.5. I have two days left in the week and prior to starting I set my goal weight for the morning of Sep 4th at 170.5. There is about a 50/50 chance I am going to make that depending on how much water I am holding, food on my stomach. Etc. Every week my cardio sessions are increasing by 15 min and my overall cardio session for each day is increasing by 30 min. So by week three I should be at two hours of cardio on most days and 45 to 90 min on other days. Also by week three I will be at approximately 1500 kcals a day. To put this into perspective I am currently consuming 1800 calories and burning an average of 3200 calories a day, which is putting me in a 1400 calorie deficit. By week three I will be consuming 1500/1600 calories a day and burning an average of 4200 calories a day putting me in a 2700 calorie a day deficit. I am currently between 7.5 to 8.5 % BF and I am starting to see more separation throughout my body. If done properly I should be between 4.5 to 6% by the end of week three. However, there is a strong chance I could lose my mind first. Let’s see which happens first.


The goal is to get back to this:


However, mind keeps saying this:


  1. Maurice Brown says:

    Hey I started at 320.. The last year I’ve dropped down to 280 by basically doing nothing but working.. My ideal weight is 240.. I don’t eat much.. I want to start working out but I really don’t know where to start.. Point me in the direction to shed and build muscle later..

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