Three Week Mini Shed…. Week 2…

Three Week Mini Shed…. Week 2…

Week two:


Week 1: 1600 kcals
Day.           Am Cardio.         Workout.       Pm Cardio.
Sun.              45 min.            Legs
Mon.             45 min.            Back / Tri.      45 min.
Tue.              45 min.            Tri / Abs.        Boxing
Wen.             45 min.            Legs.             45 min.
Thur.             45 min.            Chest / Bi.      Boxing
Fri.                45 min.            Sho / Calves. 45 min.
Sat.               45 min.


So last week was kinda bad. I made weight the prior week and came in at 170.4 lbs. I traveled to DC and Chicago and cheated a bit along the way. I had a few drinks, stayed at the Doubletree so that automatically meant I had to have a cookie or two. In the end, I messed up, what can I say. I missed a few workouts but stayed on top of my cardio and at the end of the week I came in at 170.3. Really no gain or loss. I was aiming for 168.5. This is a good lesson for everyone though. Life happens. Don’t let it stop you. I am still going and we will see how this week goes. I am moving up to an hour and dropping the calories a bit. However, even with the calorie drop I am moving to a low carb cycle instead of a set amount of calories. On my lowest day this week I will be at 1400 calories. On my highest day I will be at about 1650. This in addition to the increased cardio should bring me down. On the flip side, my body is continuing to tighten up. I may just be holding water but who knows. We will see in a week or so.

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