What if?

What if?

At 3 a.m. everyday my alarm goes off,….. More often than not I take pre-workout right then and get out of bed to begin my day. It is kind of hard to stay in bed after taking pre-workout on an empty stomach. I pack my things, head to the gym, and do fasted cardio. Even as I am doing it I have to ask myself why. There are no days off for me, no prep seasons really, and no beach season (I live in FL so that is all year). So the truth is I could still be in bed like most of the world at that time. Additionally, I know I am going to the gym later to lift weights.

                Let’s just be clear here, no one really likes doing this. I mean working out is an amazing way to relieve stress, there are some amazing health benefits, and it can approve your overall athletic capabilities, but if you could obtain all of those same effects without going to the gym I am pretty sure you would, and let’s not even get started on dieting. I would say at least 80% of the people who work out are doing it to improve their physical appearance. Here is the thing though,…. Most of the previous reason listed aren’t going to get you to the next level. Those reasons will fail you when things get hard. So what do you do when the desire to look good naked or the person you were depending on to push you that extra mile disappears?

                This is the point where you have to find your, “What if?” I have deployed to the Middle East eight times. During my most recent deployment I arrived three weeks after a major motorcycle accident. The road rash was still bleeding through my clothes, I had major headaches, wasn’t sleeping more than three hours a night, and my right hand was fractured. I still found my way to the gym every day. Why? Well,… because what if? What if we relied too heavily on our false sense of security and ended up under attack one day? What if I needed to carry someone to safety? What if I need to push an armored vehicle for some reason while away from base? What if everything that I expected to go right actually went wrong and all I had to rely on was my physical capabilities to save my life? What if?

                “What if?” is how I push past the pain. It is how I send my mind into that dark place where I find just the right amount of rage and determination to send me somewhere I didn’t know I was capable of going. It is what takes me that extra mile when I only thought I had a single step left. You have to find yours……… whatever you can use as your single most motivating factor to take you beyond your limits, find it and harness it……………. I have often been asked, “Well why do you do it when you are not deployed?” You see the root of my what if still remains the same because at the end of the day I am a father and anything that stands in the way of me and seeing my son again must be moved,…… because even in what we consider the security of the U.S…… What if one day I never made it home?……

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